Garden Planting, Norwich

Semi-Mature Shrubs & Tree Planting, Norwich

What we do

Working closely with our local nurseries we are able to source a wide variety of trees, shrubs and herbaceous to create a planting plan suitable for any soil type or location.

For more instant effect planting we also source large to massive specimens which come from specialist growers across England and Europe and all of our landscape team have the knowledge to correctly install your planting scheme to achieve optimum uptake.

We can assist with individual planting of a single specimen tree or installing an instant hedge through to selection and planting of pleached trees or underaking the planting of an entire garden plan from our designers.

  • Border Design and Planting
  • Larger Shrubs and young Trees provide effective screening
  • Pleached Lime Trees provide a high level screen
  • Instant Hedge Planting